Help transform children’s lives today – Help build a new, local, independent, democratic school!

Children are naturally curious. In the right environment, children will flourish, when given the freedom to choose what to learn and how they learn it. Midhe Democratic School will provide this environment.

The founding team are close to identifying the perfect location for the school – a place where children will have the space to learn through play, at their own pace and follow their passions.

But support is urgently needed to help fund the first phase of the work; to buy the building materials to get the school ready for new students in 2025.

Your gift could help pay for blocks, windows, insulation, and paint.

Just 30 euro could help provide some timber and nails to build a stud wall. 50 euro could provide five bags of cement for block laying and plastering.

Please join a growing community in Longford-Westmeath in supporting this vital cause to help transform children’s lives.

A gift today will benefit children for many years to come. 

Thank you.